OFFF Festival 2014 – Day 1

OFFF Festival 2014 started with all the features one may expect from a Barcelona’s Festival: relax, sun and creativity. The hippest design fest in the city begun with high expectations not only about their speakers, all of them internationally renowned professionals, but also about the cool audience and the fun that everyone expected to have.

The first achieved mark was The Poool magazine, a beautiful present we received before the doors opened. It was as good as anticipated. Risky and delicate, no ads inside, it is a delightful visual experience. During the fair we talked with The Folio Club, the company in charge of this work, and they were very proud about it: we’ll talk about that in a separate post.


Loren Ipsum, the latest generation of Atelier, is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Barcelona. They are a numerous young multinational team of designers. On stage, they shared their fun of working together, surprising us with freshness, vibrant energy, and bold proposals.


Michael Chaize, Creative Cloud “Evangelist” for Adobe, made an interesting proposal: Behance, the social network for designers. After that, Laurent-Paul Robert, guest by Adobe, made a review of his professional trajectory, explaining to us the enormous possibilities of 3D animation and visual effects software. He showed to us the process of working for films like Bourne and Harry Potter films.

Mucho is a visual communications and graphic design studio based in Barcelona. They made a fantastic Lecture about their work, putting several examples, like The Dollar Rede$ign Project or a poster that they designed for the documental “Nitsa 94-96: El Giro Electrónico” where they mainly used manual techniques. They have also designed a typography for Nektria, an Smart Cities company based in Barcelona. Some phrases of theirs: “It has to look nice” or “You have to find the hidden present”.


Aaron Becker is a renowned film and TV director, with a focus on feature film main title design. Recently, he has worked for films such as “Oldboy” (US version) or “Sinister”. He made an encouraging point about the importance of influences on creative work and not hiding your sources.

The Designer/Writer Chip Kidd was “the star” of this first day, humour and “mala baba” applied to Design. An excellent and funny talk full of hilarious comments on his relationships with the publishers. Some phrases of him: “Enjoy the Process” or “Bitch, I don’t know your life”.


So, big names and excellent speeches, but no full postdigital approaches… by now. On Friday we expect proposals closer to our main interests, as they are planned to talk some figures with really engaging creations in that line: Second Story, Lobulo and HerraizSoto & Co.

PostDigital Node



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