Digital is ubiquitous, like it happened with electricity. It is not a novelty anymore.

We live in an hybrid age. Differences between “old” and “new” technologies become irrelevant. Every day, new projects merging physical and digital worlds are born.

PostDigital Node is a blog about bits and atoms.

We are aimed to promote projects related to  3D Printing, Maker Culture, Digital Fabrication, Fab Labs, Open Hardware, Wearables, Smart Health, Big Data, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Autonomous Cars, Human Machine Interaction, Robotics,  DIY / DIWO, Sharing Economy, Crowdfunding, Open Source, Creative Commons, Open Design, and more …

We are based in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan and creative city attracting talent from all over the world.

Contact: postdigitalnode@gmail.com

The PostDigital Node team

Fabián D’alesio

Alicia Soria

and Kafka, “The Maker Cat”

Logo Design by Chuso Ordi

All posts to be published under Creative Commons licences.

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